Books and Ebooks

I have published the following books and guides for Tiki:

  • Tiki for Dummies Smarties
    New Edition! Second Edition
    If you're new to Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, this is the place to start! Learn how to install Tiki and configure its most common features, including the wiki, blog, forum, and file gallery. You'll also learn how to leverage Tiki's powerful category and permissions systems for your site.

    This edition, updated for Tiki 9 (the Long Term Support version), contains more than 350 pages of essential information for the Tiki beginner, including extensive troubleshooting tips and hints to help in fixing nearly any problem you might encounter while creating your Tiki site.

    ($35.99 paperback/$14.99 ebook)

"The step-by-step instructions and numerous screenshots make it easy to follow."

  • Tiki Essentials
    A collection of essential information and tips for Tiki administrators of all levels.
    Learn how to:
    • Upgrade and back up your Tiki site
    • Create and modify your own theme
    • Easily embed widgets and web content
    • Write custom plugins
    • Use Tiki trackers
    • Join the Tiki Community

    ($25.99 USD paperback/$9.99 ebook)

You can purchase both books (as paperbacks or ebooks) from the following retailers:

  • Smarties reflects the Tiki9LTS version, Essentials reflects Tiki6LTS.
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  • All ebook files are provided DRM-free, without restrictive technologies.
  • All books published under a Creative Commons license.