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If you're looking for the place to learn more about Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, you've found it!

Looking for Tiki books and ebooks? They're here...

Tiki Neropateille
Tiki Neropateille

The original site that started it all

Tiki for Tolloille Neropateille: Aloittelijan opas Tiki Wiki-työryhmäohjelmalle. The collaboratively written guide to help you build your Tiki-powered site. Available online, as an ebook, or a paperback. Tiki for Smarties

Tiki Essentials
Tiki Essentials

Take your Tiki to the next level

Tiki Essentials: What every Smarty needs to know about Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. The first-ever publication for Tiki! Learn how to customize your Tiki, and join the Tiki Community. Tiki Essentials

Coming Soon
The Tiki Series

A brand-new series of guides

We're working on producing a set of guides for each Tiki's features (calendar, trackers, blogs, and so on). Look for the first of these guides to be published (online and as books) in October 2012. Tiki the series